Commercial Collections Attorney In Linden, NJ

Commercial Collections

Attorney Jeffrey J. Chornoboy of Linden, NJ is an experienced New Jersey commercial collection attorney who has represented many businesses throughout the state. Collections may stem from a variety of circumstances, including commercial law, business agreements, contract disputes, real estate, and other areas.

A commercial collection typically involves the collection of past-due receivables owed to a business by another business or an individual for a business-related debt. It differs from consumer collections, which involves collection of debts incurred by an individual for a personal, family or household.

Protecting the Interests of Business
Commercial collections focus on representation of business creditors that are owed money by other businesses or individuals.

Why Businesses Select a Collection Attorney
The distinction between engaging an attorney versus a collection agency is reflected in the approach and manner in which a debt is handled. In most cases the collection agency sends a series of “dunning letters” combined with a telephone campaign with the intention of inducing payment.

The process by which an attorney pursues a commercial collection is the option of using the law courts and legal process to collect the debt. Each collection is assessed and individually handled to produce the most advantageous outcome for the client.