Personal Injury Attorney in Linden, NJ

Personal Injury Cases

Injuries can occur during every day activities such as falling while walking through a store, parking lot or on a sidewalk. Other times a person may be injured while driving or a passenger in a car. Of course, not all accidents or injuries are the same, but most people do not know that, like injuries, the remedies available to them may differ depending upon where they fall or whether while driving or a passenger or what type of automobile insurance they have. However, a trained personal injury attorney can guide you through the maze of laws and case law controlling these issues within the State of New Jersey.

If someone you love is involved in an accident where personal injuries occurred, contact the Linden, NJ law offices of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy for a free initial consultation. Regardless of whether you were injured in an automobile accident during the use of a defective product or injured from a fall, your initial consultation will be provided free of charge. The primary concern of this office is that you know your legal rights and whether or not you have a case.