Personal Injury Attorney in Linden, NJ

Personal Injury Cases

Injuries can occur during every day activities such as falling while walking through a store, parking lot or on a sidewalk. Other times a person may be injured while driving or a passenger in a car. Of course, not all accidents or injuries are the same, but most people do not know that, like injuries, the remedies available to them may differ depending upon where they fall or whether while driving or a passenger or what type of automobile insurance they have. However, a trained personal injury attorney can guide you through the maze of laws and case law controlling these issues within the State of New Jersey.

If someone you love is involved in an accident where personal injuries occurred, contact the Linden, NJ law offices of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy for a free initial consultation. Regardless of whether you were injured in an automobile accident during the use of a defective product or injured from a fall, your initial consultation will be provided free of charge. The primary concern of this office is that you know your legal rights and whether or not you have a case.

Premises Liability Attorney in Linden, NJ

Premises Liability

When Negligence Results in an Accident
Accidents occur not only on the highway but while walking in and out of a store, commercial setting, or private property. If the accident is due to negligent conduct of the owner of the premises or his agent, you may be entitled to compensation.

The Linden, NJ Law Office of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy stands ready to assist you. Injuries can be caused in any commercial or non-commercial setting based on the interior/exterior conditions, which may include anything from icy conditions to defective sidewalks, or floors covered with debris, or improperly constructed or maintained stairwells. These are only a few examples of what may cause serious injury which would require investigation to seek compensation. Contact The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy to make sure that your rights are protected.

Animal Attacks Attorney in Linden, NJ

Animal Attacks

You may not be aware that pet owners are required to be responsible for their pets and take steps to protect them from an attack by their dog or other pet. Pet owners are generally responsible for the unprovoked attack by their pets. A loved family pet left unsecured is no different than a wild animal to its victim. Such attacks may cause severe emotional and physical scaring and disfigurement. Contact the Linden, NJ Law Office of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy to assist you in the proper representation concerning injuries sustained by an animal attack.

Automobile Accident Attorney In Linden, NJ

Automobile Accidents

Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents

Jeffrey J. Chornoboy has been involved in the representation of hundreds of personal injury victims, people who have been injured in car and other motor vehicle accidents including those injured in car, motor vehicle and motorcycle accidents throughout New Jersey. These accidents have involved serious back injuries, as well as soft tissue damage and fractures.

The Linden, NJ Law Office of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy stands ready to fully investigate any claim, no matter how small or how big, and properly pursue a resolution on your behalf.

Product Liability Attorney In Linden, NJ

Product Liability

Defective designs of machinery may result in serious injuries to an individual.

The Linden, NJ Law Office of Jeffrey J. Chornoboy stands ready and able to assist you in determining the cause and possible liability for the injuries you sustained.